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You've decided to learn to fly, yay! The next exciting and important step is choosing the right flight school and instructor. 

Over 70% of people who take flying lessons drop out before earning a pilot certificate.

Not using the right training provider is one of the major contributing factors. 

Selecting a flight school/instructor is one of the most important decisions on your way to becoming a pilot. Normally the selection process is quite random:

  1. New student calls a local flight school

  2. School randomly assigns an instructor

  3. Student agrees and hopes for the best

By the time a mismatch is apparent, it may be too complicated to switch,

 so student sticks with the assigned instructor and eventually drops out...

But there is a better way!


We are here to set you up for success and guide you through the selection process based on an understanding of your training & career goals, personality, preferred training style, location, availability and more.  

We have developed a questionnaire to help you make this important decision. 

Aviatri will act as your personal flight school 'matchmaker' - at no additional cost to you. 

With our unique Flight School Packet, you will quickly get a sense of the instructors' experience, personality and training style without spending your valuable time & resources on 'blind-date-style' school visits. You may also be able to take advantage of special flight training incentives from our partners.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the Student Pilot Profile below to find the right flight school FOR YOU.

Student Pilot Profile

After submitting your information, our experienced flight school advisor will contact you to discuss your goals and offer personalized recommendations.

You will also be able to schedule a FREE 15-minute follow up phone call.

Information shared in this form is private and will only be shared with select training partners in order to find you the right match.

Thanks for submitting!

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