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As a female pilot, you represent one of only 7% of licensed pilots in the U.S and one of just 0.03% of women who can fly. That's quite an exclusive club!

Now let's make the most of your achievements...

With airlines already experiencing pilot shortages, the industry will need 530,000 new pilots in the next 20 years. This means the aviation industry needs YOU.

You can make workplace choices based on your experience, career goals and lifestyle objectives.

Aviatri seeks out employers who support and recognize the value of bringing female pilots on board and have an interest in diversifying their crews. We partner with inclusive, female-friendly workplaces, where fairness and equal pay are the norm.

As a member of our agency, you will gain access to a valuable network of corporate and private jet employers, as well as charter operators, airlines and more...

We will work with you to create a custom Pilot Packet to submit to potential employers and make you stand out among your peers. 

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